Private yoga sessions offer a personal and individually tailored yoga experience.  They are perfect if you:​

  • are new to yoga and uncertain of the practice, the postures, the alignment and would like to establish a solid and safe foundation for your practice.

  • have an injury and require specific modifications, adjustments and attention to facilitate healing and promote wellbeing.

  • have a busy schedule, find it difficult to attend regular studio classes and need the flexibility of time and location.

  • prefer to practice in a one-on-one or small group setting rather than a large group situation.

  • are looking to advance your practice and require a very focussed class with one on one attention in order to achieve your goals.



Location:   Studio space or your own                      home

                   Please note: with studio                        space there is an                                  additional studio hire fee                      of $30

Time:         Arranged to suit your                            schedule

Duration:   One hour although longer                     sessions can be arranged                      upon request and for                             additional fee                 

Contact me to discuss scheduling and pricing